Trans Bathroom Blues: The Public Restroom

More on the bathroom issue from Matt’s book “Just Add Hormones”. A good read if you haven’t already checked it out.

Matt Kailey's Tranifesto

Men's RoomThe Maine Human Rights Commission appears to be pretty progressive. Recently, they ruled in favorof a transgender male-to-female student’s right to use the girls’ restroom at school.

And in May, they ruled in favorof a trans woman’s right to use the women’s restroom at a Denny’s restaurant.

Public restroom issues can get messy for trans people — but most public restrooms are pretty messy, anyway. It’s not like we want to hang out in there. We just want to take care of business and get on with life.

What I’m posting today is a section from my book, Just Add Hormones, that discusses the public restroom issue for trans people (thanks to Abigail Jensen for the link to the stories above).

From Just Add Hormones:

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Ask Matt: Not Trans Enough for the Textbooks?

Matt Kailey's Tranifesto

Question MarkA reader writes: “I am trying to puzzle out some things about my own body dysphoria and would like to ask you this question about dysphoria in general. Do you think it stems from a physical misrepresentation in the brain or a learned response?

“By physical misrepresentation I mean that the brain is wired in its neurons to perceive one set of genitalia but the body winds up with another set. By learned response I mean that the person perceives their gender as one way (socially and privately) and because their body is not aligned, they eventually develop confusion and despair over their body.

“I am asking because it seems many ‘documentaries’ and such about trans people feature a young child explaining how they wish their penis was gone or something. But how much of that is strictly physical and instinctive and how much is psychological? What would happen if…

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