I don’t normally talk about politics here, or anywhere else for that matter much, and I’m not going to start today.  Vote for whoever you want.  I really don’t care.  Well, I do, but that’s between you and the voting booth and your conscience.  Personally, I’m so fed up with all of the negativity and lies on both sides of the aisle that I just want to go to bed until it’s all over.  My Facebook feed is full of stupid negativity and lies about all of the candidates.  I’ve already made my decision.  There’s nothing any of those ignorant memes can say to make me change my mind.  My guess is that most of my Facebook friends have also made up their minds.  Yet, they post this crap naively thinking that they can sway someone to vote for their candidate.  Two elections ago I was doing the same thing.  One  of my friends unfriended me and several stopped following me.  The truth is, I was posting all of that stuff in a little competition with the one that unfriended me.  He tripped out the night my guy won and his lost and shut his Facebook down for several months.  That’s sad, really.  We’re friends again now and I’ve vowed not to hit the like button on any political stuff this time around or share any stupid memes about how awful the other person is.  Well, I have hit the like button a few times but I need to quit that.

Don’t get me wrong.  I care VERY much about who wins this election here in the US.  It seems like every election feels more and more important than the last one.  I’m convinced that this is a battle over good vs evil or at the very least mediocre vs. evil.  Personally, I’ll take mediocre over evil every day of the year.  And maybe I’ll be surprised and the mediocre will actually be phenomenal in the long run.  That would be nice.  The other side will be a disaster and destroy my country.  Of this I have no doubt.

The thing that really bothers me about this election is how divisive and negative it is making our country.  I’m really worried about us as a culture.  I’m worried for the world at large.  We talk a lot over here about being the greatest country on the planet and about how awesome we Americans are but really, you don’t have to look very far to see that we have a LOT of problems here.  The Republicans are splintered and falling apart between Trumpism and the Tea Party taking over their party and the Democrats have their own struggles between the Sanders camp and the Clinton camp playing nice together.  I truly feel sorry for moderate Republicans.  They got nobody to vote for that speaks their lingo.  Democrats have their problems but at least they’re working it out…at least it appears like they are.

I think I’m going to stay off of or severely limit my time on Facebook for the next several months until this thing is over.  It effects my mood in a big way to see all of the nastiness out there towards each other.  Like my dog, I just want everyone to get along and work out their issues.  But I have a feeling this is going to be a long, dirty, bloody battle for the White House and it ain’t going to be pretty.  Hold onto your seats folks and keep your heads down.  We’re in for a bumpy ride.


8 thoughts on “Elections

  1. It’s funny, I made the same decision last night (to stay off Facebook because of the US elections) and I don’t even live in the States. I’ve learned a few interesting things about gerrymandering and swing states etc etc but I also found I was getting increasingly agitated. And I can’t even vote! I think the whole world is worried. Terrified, even. You nail it though when you express how all this bitterness and negative energy isn’t actually helping anything. In fact, I wonder if a lot of us are just getting sucked into some kind of depressive vortex & whether it actually has to be that way. I’ve never felt a bigger chasm between the people that I actually talk to, whether online or IRL, and my perception of some angry, bigoted mob, somewhere out there beyond my personal experiences
    What I’m trying to say is, I hear you, and I also feel something of how distressing this is. I don’t have much consoling to add except, yeah, stay off FB and remember that failing some kind of asteroid or alien invasion, we’ll all still be here on November 9 😉

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    • It absolutely blows my mind that our political election is having this kind of effect on people and countries on the other side of the planet. This is why I worry about the world. This negativity and hate is like a cancer that is growing and spreading every where. I see people who I KNOW don’t believe all this negativity getting sucked into the vortex you mentioned (great analogy, by the way!) and it’s like they are under a spell or something. It’s disturbing and terrifying. You’re right to be scared over there. If the bad guy wins, we all lose.

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  2. J and I deleted our FB about 4 years ago. We have said several times that we are soil glad we don’t have a FB right now.

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  3. When the primaries started I said to myself that this is not the election to be pure about my ideals. I voted for Sanders in the primary to push for anti-war and economic reforms. At the same time I said I’d vote for Clinton against any Republican in November. For the good of the country overall. End of my patriotism rant. Back to being trans.

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  4. Shawn, take this link off again if you don’t want my grandstanding. I’ll understand. I suppose I’d been thinking again how weird it is that people in Australia would even care. I definitely do care & I felt that Noam Chomsky expressed a lot of what I’d been thinking about. Which pretty much shows what side of the political fence I’m personally on, I know ;-). Still, I would be happy to leave US voters to their own electoral decisions, except that I do think this election affects the global environment, economy and political economy . . . . unfortunately : https://chomsky.info/an-eight-point-brief-for-lev-lesser-evil-voting/

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    • I have no problem with you sharing that article here. Thank you for sharing it. I wish this election didn’t affect the rest of the world and I hate to hear that it’s causing tensions abroad as well. The whole situation stinks on so many levels. I feel like both parties got the short end of the stick this time around.

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