The Scent Of a Trans Man

I was reflecting the other day on what things speak to me of my masculinity and that got me thinking about scents that I identify with my own masculinity.  When I smell these things I feel like they are part of who I am.  They make me feel whole.  They belong to my being.  And they make me feel distinctly masculine.

They are:

  • Leather
  • My father’s tool box after it’s been closed for a while
  • Old Spice after shave
  • WD40
  • The way my shed smells of a combination of gasoline, motor oil, exhaust from my mower, wood, grass clippings and sweat
  • Fresh cut grass
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Beer and bourbon
  • old hardware stores
  • old bars that still reek of cigarettes and booze
  • campfires
  • meat cooking on a bbq
  • mud, dirt and dust
  • fresh cut lumber

What scents make you feel more masculine or feminine?

Note: I’m not saying that any of these scents ARE masculine.  Just that they make me FEEL masculine.  I don’t think a smell has a gender.  I also love the smell of roses and lilacs, honey, tea, and the ocean, but they don’t really make me feel masculine.





8 thoughts on “The Scent Of a Trans Man

  1. The scent of nature when I’m out walking in the forest makes me feel in touch with my own vitality and strength, which makes me feel quite masculine

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  2. I agree with many of your listed items, especially the leather and smells from tool boxes and workplaces where work is done on equipment and vehicles. I have been experimenting with different makes of deodorant and I just love English Blazer – they have it in various colors like blue, black, etc – each with a different scent. Dunno if the US has this. WD40 was unknown to me, had to ask my friend Google. We use Q10 – the water repellent, not the Blackberry phone model. 😀

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    • I wasn’t sure if WD40 was something other countries knew about but I’m not surprised you hadn’t. Here, it’s a staple in one’s tool box along with Duck Tape. There’s a saying that all you really need to fix most anything is WD40 and Duck Tape. I would add Super Glue to that list as well. I don’t know about Q10 but it’s probably similar. Also not familiar with English Blazer deodorant but I’m sure it’s similar to something we have here under a different name.

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  3. What an interesting question!
    I’d say shower gel for men, sweat, soap and clean car.

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