Three Days Post Top Surgery

Well, folks, I survived my top surgery, though, anesthesia and me don’t seem to get along too well.  They had a really hard time getting me to wake up and kept me in recovery for quite a long time.  Even when they finally cleared me to ride home I was still heavily sedated and remember very little of surgery day after I went into the OR.  Around 11:30pm I finally felt awake enough to want to eat and chat a little bit.  Both of my arms and my right ankle felt very stiff and swollen and are just now starting to feel ok.  The other thing that I’ve been complaining about is my throat.  It’s been very sore and it’s hard to eat or drink.  I think it’s a little bit better today, so I’m hopeful that things will continue to improve.  Last night I was thinking that I might be getting a cold or a sinus infection.  Time will tell on that, I guess.

As for the surgery, I think it went very well.  Dr. Sherie does things a little different than most surgeons I’ve read about.  She called me the night of surgery to check in on me and twice the day after.  They asked me to come in the next day to get some massage on my chest.  When we went in, she took my binder and padding off of me and I got to see my chest for the first time.  It looks awesome, even with the fresh scars.  My nipples have those little pillows on them which they call stints.  The massage was interesting.  She and one of the nurses gobbed petrolatum on my chest and started rubbing down towards the drains to get fluid and blood out of my drains.  I just have about an inch of tubing sticking out from both sides of my chest under my arms.  No bulbs to empty.  They attach menstrual pads to the foam pad under my binder to catch the fluid.  Candace took my binder off yesterday and repeated what Dr. Sherie did in the office.  I was surprised that it didn’t and doesn’t hurt for them to do this.  My chest is very numb and hard at this point.

I’ve wanted to post an update on here since Friday but I’ve been pretty doped up on oxycodone and find it hard to stay focused enough to sit down and put together a post like this.  Last night was the first time since surgery that I’ve gone all night without pain meds.  The oxy makes me itchy so I have to take Benadryl along with it to keep the itching to a minimum.  While I did sleep through the night I woke up feeling pretty sore today and took more pain meds.  I’m hoping to get off of them completely soon because they really knock me out.  But, I’ll keep using it as long as I need to.  No worries there.

On Monday I go in again to the surgeon’s office and, at that point, they say they will take the stints off of my nipples and leave my drains in if I’m still draining.  Right now, drains will stay in until next Friday but that could change.  It’s possible that they will take them out on Monday if my drainage has stopped.  They don’t bother me at all so whatever they want to do is ok with me.  The other thing she isn’t concerned with is me lifting my arms up too much.  Still, I avoid doing that as much as possible.  Basically, I’m pretty mobile and able to do a lot when I’m not drugged up and sleeping.  Also, at this point, there is not tape over my incisions.  I’ve seen many a picture of top surgery results and they all had tape over their incisions.  I don’t know if I will have to put something on them or not later on.  She’s never mentioned it.

Dr. Sherie and her staff have been amazing to work with and super attentive and caring.  Right now I give them five stars (out of 5).  Other than my throat hurting and a little soreness under my arms I really have no complaints at all.  Candace saw my chest the day after surgery and didn’t freak out so that makes me happy too.  I’m getting awesome care at her mom’s house.  They’ve cooked me healthy and delicious meals since I’ve been here and taken care of everything I’ve asked for from them.  Today I’m hoping to maybe get a little shower, but if nothing else Candace will wash my hair and we’ll do a little sponge bath.

I hope this post makes sense and isn’t too full of typos.  My drugs are kicking in again and I’m getting sleepy so I think I’ll leave it at this for now.  I’ll try to post again on Monday or Tuesday to let you know how my first official follow-up went.  So far, so good and I’m still kicking.  Happy Sunday everyone!


10 thoughts on “Three Days Post Top Surgery

  1. So glad it went so well so far. Enjoy being served and pampered and get well soon. I’m positive you will have an easier time from here. Take care.

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  2. Good job you!

    It is possible that you were intubated during your surgery, which may account for the sore throat. Ask your doc.

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    • I asked them and they said they didn’t intubate me. There was a small tube on top of my vocal cords but it didn’t go down my throat. Still, I guess it could have aggravated my throat.


  3. Sounds like a success! Glad that things are going smoothly on the home front too. It took Donna about a month to accept and get used to it.
    Now you are going to have to go out and get some new polo shirts to celebrate!

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    • Thanks Jamie! I’m reminded daily of your fear of looking like Porky Pig after top surgery. Without my boobs, my belly looks HUGE! I’m hoping a lot of that is the gas. I wore one of my button up shirts yesterday and it looks like I’m wearing my dads shirt now. I guess some new shirts are in my future.

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  4. So glad to hear. The tape I used was silicone tape which is supposed to help the scarring. It seems to have made a huge difference in thickness and color. I would definitely ask about it if they don’t offer. Likewise learn how to do scar tissue massage. I did this daily after a couple weeks. Between that and the tape my scars are not real visible or dense.

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    • They did mention that but not for another couple of weeks. Right now my stitches are covered with glue and they’re having me put on an antibiotic cream every day until the glue flakes off.

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