STP Review

I’ve been fascinated with the idea of being able to stand to pee (STP) since I first saw my brother do it as a little kid.  I never thought it was something that I would ever be able to do until recently.  Now, I don’t have a burning need to be able to stand at a urinal and relieve myself but I’d like to be confident that I could if I needed to.  Recently, I’ve discovered many products that allow someone with female anatomy to urinate standing up and a lot of them are marketed towards the female population.  These are all products that one would carry along with them in a backpack or a pocket; not something that one would keep on their body all day.  I’ve tried a couple of them and they work amazingly well but they’re not as discreet and seamless as I’d like in a STP (stand to pee) device.

Here are a couple of the better ones I’ve found:

All of these options have the disadvantage that you would have to carry them in a pocket or bag and somehow stealthily slip them in to your pants, pee and then somehow dry them off without someone seeing you do that in a bathroom setting.  If you also carry some toilet paper in your pocket or bag I guess it could be done at a urinal without anyone noticing.

The P Style:


This is an easy to use and pretty fool proof solution.  It’s affordable at $12.00 and comes in an array of colors.  The down side is that you have to stow it in a pretty large pocket in cargo pants or in a jacket pocket.



Very affordable at $12.50.  It’s available in this lovely shade of lavender as well as tan.  It’s made of flexible medical-grade silicone so it will fold up and slip easily into a pocket without anyone knowing it’s in there.  The downside to it’s flexibility is that it’s tough to get positioned properly through your clothing and can leak if it’s gets squeezed or pinched in your zipper.  Also, the spout isn’t very long and that makes it a little harder to use.  This is the first one I tried and I found it challenging and didn’t use it more than a couple of times even though I was always successful with it.  It was just too hard to get it in place and I got annoyed with it.

Mr Fenis:

mr fenis

For $25.00 you get a more realistic looking STP that can roll up and stow in your pocket or your underwear.  100% flexible silicone.  It’s a popular option but not fool proof without some practice due to it’s flexibility.

Personally, I enjoy packing and none of these are really very packable.  I also like the idea of things serving multiple purposes.  So I have been looking for a packable STP that is as realistic looking as possible.  There are two great options that I’ve tried as well as a few that I haven’t out there now.  New products are being introduced constantly for those of us who want to pack and pee.  There are options that allow packing, peeing and playing as well.  I think one of the best products currently available that does all three fairly well is…

The Pee-cock:

This is a very realistic looking prosthetic.  Once you move up to a true prosthetic device the price climbs dramatically.  Starting at $169 I think it’s a good value.  It’s made from high quality medical grade silicone and feels great.  It isn’t sticky and doesn’t need to be dusted with corn starch or powder to keep it soft to the touch.  It comes in sizes from 3.75 to 6.5 inches in length and a good variety of skin tones.  Peecock makes some nice, affordable harnesses for their packers that function well and are fairly comfortable for all day wear for around $25/$27.  Each prosthetic comes with an erection rod and they now offer pleasure kits that allow the wearer to experience sensation while being used for play either solo or with a partner.   As an STP it’s definitely  dependable once you practice with it.  The only time I’ve had any spillage with this is when my bladder was really full and I couldn’t control the flow so it overflowed the funnel cup a bit.  The trick with this STP is definitely controlling your flow of urine and making sure not to distort the flexible funnel cup.  If you let it go too fast you could easily spill.  Push the cup against your body too hard and it will collapse and you will spill.  No one wants that!!  Over all I think it’s a nice product.  The one down side, besides possible spillage (which is possible with any STP) is that it comes from the factory painted to look very realistic and after just one day’s wear the color on the head of the phallus was already wearing off.  Now it looks pretty weird but no one but me really sees it.  Eventually, it will even out and look fine.  There is a definite learning curve with the Pee-cock but it’s flexibility as a packer makes it a strong choice.  As a side note, Peecock also makes some nice underwear to use for packing that double as harnesses.  Personally, I prefer to use a harness so I haven’t tried any of their underwear out but I’ve heard some positive things about them.  Pee-cock is made in Singapore and ships internationally so expect it to take a good 2- 3 weeks to arrive at your doorstep in a discrete brown box.  They include a nice satin bag to keep all of it’s parts in as well.

And finally…

The Real EZP* from Transthetics:


This is a 2-in-1 pack and pee prosthetic made of high quality prosthetics grade silicone.  It sells for $195.  Pricey yes, but totally worth it.  I have not read one bad review about this product and I have to tell you that it works flawlessly every time.  I had my doubts because the cup isn’t that large but it doesn’t spill.  Ever.  I used it first thing in the morning to test it out on a heavy flow and it didn’t spill a drop.  The size is perfect for a discreet packing experience and you don’t need a harness.  The silicone feels awesome and isn’t sticky or tacky at all.  It warms up quickly and feels so comfortable in your underwear that you forget it’s there due to its light weight.  The only down side for me is that I had to change the type of underwear I use.  Because you can’t use a harness with this product you need to wear tight fitting briefs.  I’m a boxer briefs guy but I went out and bought a few pairs of briefs to give it a try.  It’s worth changing underwear styles in my opinion to use this STP.  It stays in place easily and gives a realistic, yet discreet bulge.  I wear loose jeans so that’s not a concern for me.  Mostly I just like the feel of it being there and it gives me that feeling without being distracting.  Also of note is that the EZP* does come with some painting on it but it has not worn off at all and I’ve worn it every day for a week now.  Will it wear off?  I guess time will tell.

The only one of these STPs that I really wouldn’t recommend is the go-girl. It’s just too flimsy and short to really be useful on a regular basis.  I like wearing and using the EZP*the best but I like a lot of things about the Pee-cock as well and sometimes I really want to feel it up close and attached to me.  I got the shortest one, the 3.75 inch, because I didn’t intend to use it with a partner and like a discreet packer and it definitely performs well in this capacity.

There are a plethora of packers that allow you to STP as well as ways to turn a basic $15 packer into an STP at home.  People have used coffee lids, medicine spoons, soda bottles, baby bottle nipples and any number of other creative ways to pee standing up.  I like having the option and find it fun to practice with now and then but usually I’m too lazy to mess with it.  Since finding a couple really good products that might change now.  Maybe this winter I’ll get the chance to write my name in the snow.  That would be pretty cool.



27 thoughts on “STP Review

  1. I’m really interested in purchasing a Pee-cock, do you get a harness with it or do you have to purchase that seperatley? I’ve been having trouble trying to find it out.


    • The Pee-cock does not come with a harness. You get the Pee-cock, an erection rod, instructions and a silk bag to store it in. They sell 5 different harnesses separately that are designed to be used exclusively with the Pee-cock. Also, the pleasure kits are an add on purchase. I bought both the g strap and the jockstrap harness because I wasn’t sure which would work best for me. I prefer the jockstrap. Good luck and thanks for the follow.

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  2. Tried them but it hurts wearing all day at work if you buy an STP that doubles as a packer. Tried those, just regular packers, stuffing socks. I use neither STPs nor packers anymore. While other brothers are fine with them, my skin is too sensitive, and it’s always a pain readjusting them, so I forgo them. Sometimes the lack of something down there is dysphoric, and the ghost pains are a nuisance, but I’m learning as best I can to do without.


    • It’s definitely not for everyone and they do take a bit of getting used to.


    • “Ghost pains”? What are those? (Cis woman here – but asking because of my trans son – will understand if you don’t answer).


      • I’m not sure. Maybe Cai will come back and answer that for us. Some people experience a phantom limb kind of thing regarding not having parts they feel they should have. Maybe it’s something like that.

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      • Yeah, I googled it & wondered again if I’d been insensitive. Sorry Cai, sounds tough.


      • Exactly how they explained. My mind thinks there’s a penis there, and I like act like I do—readjustment, itches, etc—but there is literally nothing there. (What people with amputations suffer from, too.) A literal mind-body disconnect. Lots of habits I’d rather do but can’t because of the physiology I’m given. I’ve adapted and buried the feelings log ago and now they resurface because I am at peace with my manhood, but I compensate.

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      • I experience that too Cai. Some days more than others. I find I miss my packer when I don’t wear it because it feels right to have something there.


  3. I have been pondering this for a while now. I pretty much cant use a women’s bathroom anymore and am realizing many a men’s room only have one stall and many urinals. I waited about 20 minutes once for a stall which made me really start thinking about STP’s. So this blog came at a good time. Since I first read it I went back and forth. looked at a couple sites (the last 2) and 2 days ago broke down and got the EZP, I am waiting for it to arrive. As I reread your post, I am just now reading these are all needing to be carried and somehow put in/on to use. It seems like the last 2 this is not the case, the Peacock and the EZP, Am I mistaken here? I hope not as I cannot imagine figuring out how to stealthily put it in my pants at the urinal. Have you ever had issues with all those times not being able to rinse it right after a pee? Smell, infections…?


    • I think you made a great choice. I love my EZP. Yes, you pack it in your underwear but you need to wear briefs or tighter boxer-briefs to keep it in place because you don’t/can’t use a harness with it. It doesn’t move around much and stays in place really well. I have not had any issues with smell or infections. I would just recommend to rinse it off when you get a chance in a single stall bathroom. I use the back of it to do a little wipe and tip it forward to get the last out of it and it stays pretty dry. There are some good videos on the website to get you started on how to use it but I had success the first time I tried and only have had a couple snafus which were my own fault. I peed on my t-shirt one time (at home thankfully) because it was long and baggy so now I’m careful to tuck it in my belt or pants in the front before I go. The Peecock is not nearly as user friendly as I’d hoped and much heavier to carry around. The EZP is light and easy to pack. Good luck!


      • Not sure I would have thought about tucking the shirt in. Thanks for letting me learn from your mistake!! I have many different emotions inside around this new step. Interesting to feel.

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      • Well, I have a belly and since the prosthetic has no feeling I couldn’t see it so well or feel that something was touching it. Plus, I was peeing outside in my yard at night in the dark with my dog just because I could. I guess that’s too advanced for me at this point lol. Anyway, I think there are some practical reasons to use the stp if you’re passing as male, especially in locker rooms. I am not currently using the men’s room regularly and have not tried it at a urinal. It’s certainly something I’d like to be able to do if I had to. Like you said, often there are only one or sometimes no stalls or no doors on the stalls. Once I feel really confident using it I won’t feel as much anxiety about going into unfamiliar men’s rooms. At least that’s the hope. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts after you’ve given it a try for a while.

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      • I will definitely let u know. I do have that fantasy of peeing outside without squatting. 😎 And I have been thinking about it in locker rooms. Historically I’ve not packed in the one venture into the locker room. I went swimming. Wasn’t sure how packers or stp ‘s do in water. And then the whole shower and changing. Seemed complicated. I once found an Australian guy who makes prosthetics that with medical glue u affix to ur skin. Can’t stp but looks incredibly realistic and no possibility of it falling off. If I had an extra thousand dollars laying around I would consider that.


      • Here’s one that glues onto your body that can be used to pee with:

        These also glue on and I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about them:

        Both are around $500.

        I’m letting these things continue to improve but ultimately something like these are my ultimate goal. Also, Alex, who developed the EZP is working on a bionic penis but it sounds like it won’t be used for urination. I could be remembering wrong on that. Then there’s the whole test tube penis thing that is in the works. Lots of exciting stuff being worked on all the time in this area.

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  4. Thx for these links. I will check them out. 500 is much more doable than 1000. The bionic penis being developed is not an stp I’m pretty sure ur right. But anyways good to know others are developing these. I like the idea of a semipermanent one u can use to pee!!!


    • I like the semipermanent idea too but I have a dilemma about them. I don’t want to pack a 5.5 inch or bigger penis on a daily basis because it’s not comfortable and I’m a short guy at 5’2″ so it doesn’t seem very realistic to me. And I don’t want to have to remove it for sex and switch to something else for that if I get a smaller one. I had been very optimistic about one called the Tyron2 that has the capability of becoming erect with air by squeezing one of the testicles but they’ve never been able to get the peeing part of it integrated and I want it to be able to do all of that. At $1400 I want it to do everything and do it well. Here’s a video of the Tyron in action:


      • Wow!! Ya to get one like that to use for everything that actually does pack play pee and pleasure and attaches. How great would that be. I will have to mark these sites so I can watch the progress of development. Thx again.


      • Definitely would be awesome! I think given another year or two some really cool stuff will be on the market. I’m keeping my eye on them. You’re very welcome!


  5. Don – thx again for the review and prompt to move forward with this. Got it Saturday and had a couple mishaps but mostly successes. Stil practicing stealth placement – moving it from packer position to pee position. Each time it’s easier. I’m writing now wondering what jeans u wear. I usually wear Dickies for the side pockets. The zipper is definitely not low enough for the EZP so I gotta bring my pants down a bit lower than normal. What brands do u find work well with the EZP? Thx again for this post and all your feedback.


  6. I tend to wear Levi’s and Nautica jeans lately but they’re a bit big on me because I’ve lost some weight. I’ve found that if I unbutton/unzip my pants, loosen my belt so my pants don’t fall down (you might not need to do this), I can pull my underwear down enough to be able to position the EZP to urinate. (I don’t bother with the fly on my underwear and find it too restricting to where I can place the packer. Apparently a lot of cis men don’t use the fly either.) It’s tricky though and I have to admit I’ve had a couple mishaps lately and rarely practice this method out in public yet for fear of leaking on my pants. I also (sorry TMI!!!) wear a bladder control liner on a daily basis because of some age/weight related leakage issues and find this helps me feel a little more confident about spills with the packer. If I did leak a little, hopefully the pad would catch it. I hate that I have to wear them but it’s a fact of my life at the moment. If I sneeze or cough I could have a leak and then I have wet clothes and no one wants that! I’ve had best results with the EZP when I let my pants down to my knees and view this as a learning phase and confidence builder to getting confident using it with my pants up. Hope this helps some.


    • I’ve been considering wearing a pad as well just in case. Pre-T I had your same issue so have a bunch on hand. Any specific type of Levi’s? 505, 417…. It’s bern a while so not sure what’s out there or if the flys are the same. And Nautalis pants I haven’t heard of but will see if I can find. My biggest issue truly is letting my bladder go standing. 50 years of training makes it interesting to trust or something. I look forward to it being second nature.


      • My Levi’s are 505s. I’m not much of a brand guy other than I do like my Levi’s. The Nautilus jeans are just something I got to replace my Hillfigers that I liked and couldn’t find. They’re ok but I wouldn’t go out of your way for them. I bought them at a store called Belk’s which is a lot like JC Penneys but I don’t think Penney’s sells them. Anyway, I don’t think the pants matter that much. The main thing is that you get them loosened up enough and open so you can get your hand in there to maneuver the stp. Maybe you have some loose pants you can try it with. I’m still getting used to standing too. Sometimes I can relax easily but most of the time I have to really think about it. I think with enough practice and confidence in the process it will get easier.


  7. Thx!!!! Yeah my jeans are not baggy. They are not real tight as I don’t like that but not super loose either. Practice will hopefully make perfect.


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