Good Advice from Mark Twain

Sometimes I read an article and I think it had a lot of really valuable and usable advice in it for anyone to read regardless of their circumstances.  I’m sharing one of those today with you.  Good sound advice for a productive and happy life can be found in these selected quotes and interpretations of Mark Twain’s wise words.


Mark Twain’s Top 7 Tips for a Simple and Successful Life


7 thoughts on “Good Advice from Mark Twain

  1. Thanks for sharing, Shawn. Great advice, nice blog to follow. Good luck with the op next week, hope all goes well. Take care!


    • How do you know about my operation?


    • Ah ok. Phew! I was freaking out for a minute because last night I was working on a post and I did mention my op but I accidentally hit some mysterious key on my keyboard that made the whole thing disappear into an internet blackhole. So I was thinking maybe it got posted somehow (and it’s not finished!!!!) and it’s not showing up on my computer and I had a panic attack lol. Thanks for clearing that up. I had forgotten that I mentioned it on Jamie’s post. Anyway, thanks for the good wishes. Should go fine.

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  2. Lol love when the internet black hole shows up! I always feel like that’s the universes way of telling you either not to post, or to change something BIG…not sure which most of the time cuz I’m too damned pissed off that it happened in the first place lol. It’s later when I am calm and think about it, that I realize it might have been for the best? Anyway…happy posting it again. AND good luck!!! Thinkin of you. Hugz xo

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