Ode To My Arm Hairs

I have a growing infatuation with my arm hairs.  I study them.  Some of them have gotten really long and I pull on them to measure their growth.  Others are crooked and kinked like they came out of my skin in all different directions.  Some are really dark and others are white.  Today I noticed a faint reddish-brown hue to the hair on my arms and that made me smile.  I’m also pretty infatuated with the veins in my arms as they pump testosterone infused blood to my heart.  No one has any problems finding my veins anymore at the doctor’s office or hospital.  I’m told that I have very good veins.  Thank you Mr. T for that.

I’ve long been fascinated with my brother’s and my uncle’s arms.  I didn’t have a father to study.  I had a front row seat to observe my brother’s body change from that of a boy to a man.  I loved how the thick hair looked on his forearms.  I had an uncle who was particularly hairy and I was enthralled with how his chest hair poked out of his t shirt and how bushy his arms were.  Now I see my own body taking on some of these genetic traits and it gives me a little thrill.  It’s hard to imagine that a few arm hairs could make me so happy but it does.  I look at my arms now and I see a man’s arms.  They’re my arms.  And I love them.  I love how when the breeze blows it makes the hairs tickle my arms.  I drove past a man the other day that had his window down and admired how the wind blew his thick arm hair straight back as he relaxed it on the side of his truck door.  Ah, that will be me one day.  I considered lowering my window (nobody rolls a window anymore, do they?) to experience this feeling myself but I’m way too in love with my air conditioning to do that right now.  Maybe when it gets cooler, I thought to myself.

I’ve started to grow out my chin and mustache hairs a bit to see what they’re capable of these days.  I enjoy running my hand across them absentmindedly while reading or thinking.  I used to do this instinctively for years with nothing rewarding to feel.  Now I’m rewarded with a little satisfying stubble across my finder tips.  Yesss, that feels right now.  I shaved my cheeks and under my chin this morning and now I can feel the beginning of a five o’clock shadow across my face.  Again, it’s a most satisfying feeling to run my hand along my face and actually feel some resistance.  And I love to listen to the razor blades slice through my adolescent beard when I shave.  It makes a very satisfying sound.  Faint and hard to hear if you aren’t paying attention but it’s there if you listen hard enough.

I was recently asked what are the down sides to taking T.  Balding is No. 1.  Not growing facial hair fast enough is No. 2.  Other than that I can’t think of any.  Hair in a lot of weird places maybe but I don’t really mind that.  That’s why we have scissors and shavers and wax if it bothers you too much.

But I digress.  Back to my arms.  The other thing I love to do is make a fist and flex my arm muscles.  The definition is amazing to me even though I’ve done nothing to develop that trait.  I’ve been thinking that I should start back at the gym and work on building my biceps up.  I have fantasies of having big muscular arms with bulging biceps.  How cool would that be?  Candace wouldn’t be able to pry me away from the bathroom mirror if I was able to do that.  Would it look funny to have very muscular arms and a keg for a belly instead of a six pack I wonder to myself.  Yep, probably so.  Better work on that too.  I jokingly tell folks that I skipped the six pack and went straight for the keg.  They laugh nervously which I find humorous since my belly doesn’t really bother me much but they’re not sure if it’s ok to laugh at my self deprecating humor.  I might be digging for a compliment instead of actually making fun of myself.  They might be wondering if they should say something about how it’s not that big to make me feel better.  Nope, I’m just poking fun at myself.  You can laugh too.

So tonight I picked up my T at the pharmacy and had to change my name for their records.  The young lady that helped me was very sweet and totally cool with everything.  She asked me if I wanted her to change my gender too.  I was shocked but pleasantly so.  I said no, it’s still F on everything so it has to stay that way for now and I thanked her for asking me.  She said it was no problem and that she knows it can be really hard sometimes.  Her sensitivity and openness made me feel good.  It also made me realize that I’m not fooling many people anymore.


13 thoughts on “Ode To My Arm Hairs

  1. This made me smile. After 15 years I am still proud of my arm hair. I do get tired of shaving my face.

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  2. Meet my friend, Shawn the Bear! Jealous but happy for you!


  3. Well I got a good chuckle about bypassing the six pack for the keg!! It’s good to have humor. I wish I had more about my body. On the note of hair – I have been doing this very thing with my thigh hair. My thighs have been bare or tiny blonde hairs for all my life. Now I have dark rediculously long hair growing. Living in shorts for the summer I am playing with them often. Looking at them after getting out of the water is a trip as they create these dark lines down my leg. Until I read this I haven’t really thought of how my arm hairs have not changed at all. They appear non existent so blond and short. Interesting. I too love the feel of my – I like that : adolescent beard under my fingers. Mostly sideburns that are beginning their decent down to the lower part of my jaw and under my chin. I hope a mustache comes and beard over chin. They are all these very fine stubble vs a mans beard with a more coarse thick stubble. How long on T for u? The only downside for me of T is the slow growth of facial hair and impending uncertainty as to wether or not I will actually grow a full beard. Thanks as always for a sense of not being alone on this growth full adventure.

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    • Glad I gave you a chuckle. I’m terrible with remembering when I started T but I think I was on a low dose of androgel for about a year or two and now a fuller dose of inject-able for a year and half-ish. It’s interesting how our bodies react differently to the same substance. I can’t grow sideburns yet at all. Most of my growth is under my chin at this point. It’s gradually, VERY gradually, filling in other places but it’s a slow process. My thighs, like yours, are super hairy now too and muscular. I totally get how if I wore shorts much they would preoccupy my mind a lot too. I’m glad we can all share this adventure together.


  4. Thank you for the ode to body hair. I love having body hair (still no T) and will not shave my legs/arms/ etc even though I get looks. I’m still not sure what to do about my mustache and my chin hairs, which have been growing more visible thanks to the lack of estrogen from menopause.
    Your T is probably kicking in like crazy since your hystorectomy….

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    • Glad you liked it. Actually, I just had my numbers checked and everything seems about where they were before the surgery. Estrogen is down a little bit but the T levels are about the same. I admire your faithfulness to your natural body..hair and all. I still struggle a bit with whether to shave certain areas like legs or armpits but mostly I let them go and just avoid wearing shorts or tank tops. If I get those biceps though I’ll be wearing tanks a lot! One can dream at least.


  5. I have one, single, solitary dark hair on my left forearm. Melissa swears that the hair on my arms has started thickening up, but I don’t notice it….just my one hair, so I had a good chuckle about this, too. 🙂

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    • That’s pretty funny about your one dark arm hair. I remember early on I suddenly noticed one very long dark hair on my chest and got pretty excited by it. For a long time it was the only chest hair I had. It has a few friends now to keep it company and that is pretty cool too. If one has shown up I’m sure more are to follow on your arms. It always amazes me how we all react differently to hormones. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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  6. So much of what you said reminds me of things Kris said when he began T. He loved getting hair and he obsessed about it as much as you did. 🙂


    • Yes, it seems getting hair is a lot of fun but losing it not so much. I don’t enjoy the thinning of my hair in the front. Hopefully Kris won’t have to deal with this for a very long time if at all. Thanks for reading.

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