Writer’s Block

I’d hardly call myself a writer but I think I have a case of writer’s block nevertheless.  Every day I want to write a post on here but I can’t decide what to write about.  Maybe I just don’t have anything to say right now.  But I do.  I just got back from a short week of vacation to the sunny paradise of Florida.  I love it down there and always relax and enjoy myself.  Usually we drive down but we were in a hurry this time so we flew in and rented a car.  We rented a Mustang to be exact.  A 2016 white Mustang.  It was awesome to drive.  I even named her Sally.  You know, Mustang Sally?  Sally Ride?  We were near Cape Canaveral where they shoot off space ships and stuff.  Anyway, she was beautiful and I wanted to keep her.  But I couldn’t put her on the plane so she had to stay in Paradise.  I got several compliments on my beautiful ride during the week.  The best one was just a simple nod from a guy in the parking lot as he walked by looking admiringly at my set of wheels.  I could see the lust in his eyes for Sally.  I told Candace that that dude just made my week.  He was jealous and I was cooler than him.  For a week anyway.  Sally was awesome and all but mostly we hung out at the pool and read.  I enjoyed watching the kids (not mine) play in the pool and come up with interesting stories and games.  They were all really well behaved, which surprised me greatly.  I named all of them after characters from The Lil Rascals.  It all started with Spanky of course.  He was an awkward little chubby boy who had a mischievous side and went on from there.  There was an interesting little boy named William (his real name, not his Spanky name) who looked like a girl.  I never did believe he was really a boy even though he wore boys swim trunks and had a name like William.

Other than the pool we like to eat out at places we can’t go at home while on vacation.  There’s great seafood in Florida and pretty good barbecue too.  I found a neat little dive that specializes in hot dogs and I had a Chicago dog.  Don’t judge me.  I like hot dogs.  We ate at a nice restaurant two nights and had different waiters both nights.  The first one was a woman and she was just sure I was a man.  Even after handing her my credit card with my girl name on it she returned it to Candace when she came back.  She made a comment that she couldn’t check the signature since it was rubbed off (from age…it’s my check card and I use it a lot).  This made me uneasy since my ID has my new name on it.  Thankfully she said we didn’t look like the kind of people to steal credit cards so she didn’t ask for ID from either of us.  That would have been weird.  The second time we went there a young guy waited on us and he “ladied” me to death throughout the meal.  Candace commented that you never knew what made people see one thing and others see another.  That’s very true.  I can’t figure it out.

The week was great and we hated to come home.  But I had an event to go to on Saturday that I really couldn’t miss.  My band director from high school died, or rather, he took his life, a few weeks ago and friends and family were gathering to remember him and pay respects.  I was nervous about going but felt like I had to at the same time.  In the end, I’m glad I did.  I reconnected with several people I hadn’t seen in a really long time and got to hang out on the farm of a dear friend who also is no longer with us.  I’ve lost three very important people from my past, mentors, in the last few years.  It makes me sad to think that they’re no longer here.  All of them touched so many people through their teaching and playing of music.

I guess I did have some things to say after all.  Not a lot and nothing profound but something maybe entertaining at least.


Mustang Sally Ride


6 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. I’m sorry that you lost a mentor so tragically. Hugs, bro. Glad you and Candace could get away and spend quality time, even if there was another woman in your life the whole time! Sally sounds gorgeous. Pity you did not include a photo of the beaut! Take care, bro. And damn the wait staff who “lady” us to distraction. 😦

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  2. Wow! You sure must have fond memories of this one! 😉


  3. Glad you both had a good vacation. Beautiful car (you were in the market for a car a while back?) but I’d be nervous driving a car with no dings on it (says the proud owner of a dented 2006 Subaru Outback).
    In terms of being read – I think you were read as “other” by both waiters – the woman did not bond with you as female and thus sir’d you – the guy did not bond with you as male and thus ma’am’d you.
    Now I’m going to have to pay attention to the proportion of sirs I get from women and men – and see if that is really a pattern.


    • Interesting perspective on the waiters. You could be right. While the car didn’t have any dents, it did have some heavy scratches on the back bumper when we got it. Candace made sure to point that out to the rental company. I’m still in the process of deciding on a vehicle and the Mustang is still on my list. The big problem with it is that there’s nowhere to put the dog because the back seat is pretty much unusable and Candace is not very comfortable in it. It would be my daily driver so those are two big draw backs. But I sure did love driving it!

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