Not Much to Say

I’m just checking in here.  I haven’t been much in the mood to write or read or think lately so haven’t felt like there was anything to share here.  But my name change is now legal and I’m in the process of getting all of my accounts changed over.  That’s a lot of fun.  Not really.  It hasn’t been that bad though so I’m not complaining.  I get the feeling that I’ll be doing this for years as things come up for renewals and stuff like that and I’ll figure out that I forgot something.  All I can do is hope it’s nothing important.

I’m getting ready to go on a much needed vacation in a few days and I’m looking forward to that.  Hopefully it’ll clear my head and inspire me a little bit.  So, all is good and I’m still here.  Just kind of in a slump.


4 thoughts on “Not Much to Say

  1. Slumps happen. Vacation should drag you out of it, hopefully. Take care!


  2. Name change paperwork is no fun. Still a few things I haven’t taken care of, but all the big ones are. Enjoy your vacation!


  3. My legal deadname was a huge trigger for me, which doesn’t help when the POS at work–I work in retail–had to show your legal name, not a “Also known as” or “nick” name. Once the name change became legal and every document was reissued in my real name, it turned into euphoria. When my boss one day called to tell me of the name change, I told him I already knew, which baffled him. I explained it happened during my break on my shift two days prior.

    Until my work documents updated, every time I saw my deadname, I actually felt some kind of disconnection and surreality with it. It was no longer a trigger for me. I looked at that name and everything about my life previous to coming out and transitioning, and realized, That person is not who I am anymore. Because that scared, confused queer butch, verses this confident, comfortable trans man, are two complete different, unrelated people.

    I had to pay twice for my drivers’ ID though. It was due for renewal always, so I used the paperwork I had to change that at least. I had to pay an extra $11 (cheap compared to everything els I had to pay for) to change my marker from “F” to “M”, because I didn’t have a therapist’s paperwork to show I was trans.


  4. Congrats you! And enjoy your well deserved vacation! 😆


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