Hysterectomy Update

I can’t write much today since I just got back from the hospital last night and I’m pretty doped up on drugs still but I wanted to let you all know I made it through the operation and they were able to do it laporascopic without an incision.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that the 2.5 hour operation took 8 hours and I feel like I’ve been through an epic battle.  I don’t quite understand what the problems were exactly and maybe never will but I’m glad to say that it’s over and only the healing is left to do.  I’ll write a more detailed story once I’m more myself again.  Thank you all for your support.


9 thoughts on “Hysterectomy Update

  1. So good to hear u made it thru and it was done laparoscopically. When ur recovered enough I’m curious how they did it without incision. Did they do it vaginally? I had three now completely unnoticeable incisions around my navel. Happy healing!


    • Sorry, I didn’t mean to be misleading. I do have 3 small incisions. What I meant was that they didn’t have to cut me open, though I’m sure it would’ve been easier for the surgeon if she had. I have one incision at my naval and one on each side off my stomach area.


  2. 8 hours is a really long time to be under anesthesia – but I’m glad in the long run everything else went fine.
    It must have been really hard on Candace because the worst part (for me) of Donna’s operation was waiting for it to be over and the surgeon to come out and talk to me. It is a strange kind of abandonment to be waiting.
    Rest up and take it easy.


  3. I hope you will be all healed up soon!


    • Thanks. I feel like I’m recuperating really well. I’ll post a thorough story soon and don’t freak out because I don’t think my situation is typical.


  4. Happy the op is over and it went well. Get well and take care.


  5. Glad to hear that you’re doing well!


  6. Hey, wishing you real well on your recovery. You are so strong!


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