Am I the Only One?

Anybody else out there totally stoked about the Superbowl on Sunday?  I know, I know, the NFL is full of all these egos and addicts and wife beaters and murderers and fallen heros.  I know.  I almost gave up on football this year because of all of the controversy.  It’s disheartening and upsetting.  In fact, it’s enough to make most people just not tune in at all.  I know.  But I love the game.  I can’t help it and I’m not really that proud of it.  But it’s a part of me and I love it when my team wins.

For me, the Superbowl is like a holiday.  I think it’s my favorite day of the year.  I love the hype and the commercials, the food, the half time show and, of course, the game.  I’ve been a closet Patriots fan for quite a few years now and since they’re in the game I’m super excited about it.  I say I’m a “closet” Pats fan because I don’t live anywhere near Boston, but I have some weird connection to that city that I don’t really understand.  I’ve even enjoyed the whole “Deflategate” drama.  This must be how some people feel about the housewife shows or the Kardashians.  I like the drama.  No I don’t like cheating of course.  That sucks.  But all this talk about deflated balls has me giggling a lot lately.  It must be the T making me feel like a 13 year old boy or something but I find it humorous.

Anyway….any other football freaks out there?  Who are you rooting for?  Predictions?


6 thoughts on “Am I the Only One?

  1. I was raised watching baseball…
    I work (semi-retired) for the NYC Subway system, and our most popular day of the year to book off sick is Superbowl Monday. A lot of football freaks. Monday service is always a little spotty because of all the no-shows. I’ll be watching at my next door neighbors.

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    • Hope you enjoyed the show. It was definitely a dramatic game to say the least.


      • Dramatic yes, but as a native New Yorker I kind of wanted Seattle to win just because I wanted New England to lose. It is a weird version of my enemy’s enemy is my friend. A long rivalry between New York and anything Boston. But it was a good game.

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      • I totally get that, Jamie. Makes no difference to me and only makes it more fun. I’ll probably step in it a bit here because you New Yorkers are unpredictable about which New York team you support (from an outsiders perspective), but I loved Joe Namath as a kid and still have a soft spot for the Jets. The Giants, not so much.


  2. I’m also psyched for Sunday’s game, although the #deflategate escapade has put a bit of a taste in my mouth for a win….I will still be watching and pulling for the Patriots, but not with that same great fan heart. I’ll be watching at home with the dog for now, my wheels are in the garage! ~MB


    • I don’t know why but the whole “deflategate” thing actually made me want them to win even more and I’m glad they were able to pull it off. I get a lot of flack for rooting for the Pats because I’m being “disloyal” to my home teams but I just love watching Brady play, much like I enjoyed watching Montana many years ago. It’s a beautiful thing. Hope you and the dog enjoyed the game.

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